January 23, 2018

Ashley Wilson – Owners/Personal Trainer

Ashley Wilson is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has been a fitness enthusiast for over ten years now.

She enjoys going to Cardio Kickboxing at least three times/wk, competitive running, and beach work outs. Ashley has participated in several local races including both 10k and half marathon distances often placing in her age category and last year even placed top one hundred in the Wharf To Wharf.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, hiking, biking, and playing with her animals.

Billy Prusinowski – Personal Trainer

Billy PrusinowskiBilly Prusinowski has been a certified personal trainer since January 2010.

His background being in Kenpo Karate, moving to California in 2009 focused his attention on Cross-Fit and functional weight-lifting. TRX Suspension Training, becoming such a well-respected fitness trend in the past year, is part of each of Billy’s clients’ regimens. He was certified to be a TRX Trainer from San Francisco’s Fitness Anywhere Suspension Training Course in April 2010. TRX offers functional body-weight exercise that challenges first-timers to professional athletes of all body types.

Billy continues to train clients one-on-one, small group (boot camp style) and in his twice weekly “Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing” at Gold’s Gym Santa Cruz.